How Does Invisalign Work

The word Invisalign seems to have been derived from two words “invisible” and “align”. That should communicate to you, what the product is capable of doing, even if you didn’t know what it works for. In case you still have the question” oh but what is it for? How Does Invisalign Work? The answer is your beautiful smile. The word Invisalign has become the point of much discussion among many the world over. This is a relatively new form of treatment which allows for teeth to be aligned by using braces that are invisible. It normally takes a time period of around a year for the teeth to be aligned correctly, depending of course on what the degree of alignment is required. It is a wonderful way of treating people for reasons of misaligned teeth.

How Does Invisalign WorkThese are invisible and work behind the scene

The earlier system of metal braces gave a very bad look and many younger people who required the alignment process, didn’t want to go in for it, because it made the look bad. It has become a very successful way of treatment dental problems related to misaligned teeth and is now a craze among the younger generations, simply because of the fact it is invisible and yet it works. There are many unfortunates who were not born with a wonderful smile and having misaligned teeth is quite a rampant problem. That is perhaps why the system of Invisalign seems to have become so popular everywhere. More important it works very well and on top of that it isn’t visible naturally, this is in great demand. When Invisalign is fitted on a person’s gum the teeth get aligned into position very gradually. It is slow process but nevertheless a process that has been perfected to give simply excellent results. Further, the process doesn’t hurt at all and the people don’t even realise that the Invisalign is working, and that is the secret to its popularity. With Invisalign people don’t need to wear those ugly looking braces any longer.

How Does Invisalign Work is the secret to why people consider it better today?  It is made from a plastic material, stays invisible, is applied with adhesive and each application of Invisalign is custom made to a person teeth and gum symmetry. The process is very much similar to the application of the normal braces only the system of application and the material is totally different. A doctor takes an X-ray of the teeth of a patient and the Invisalign braces are moulded based on the X-ray. Here there is a high use of digital designing in creating these custom moulded Invisalign braces. The difference it makes it that its fits your gum perfectly and also sets well into your jaw line .it is a part of the procedure to get these braces changed every two weeks or so. Through the wearing of the Invisalign the teeth gradually get back into a better position and create a vastly improved smile and the perfect teeth look.

Is ideal for today’s youngsters

The system of the changing of the Invisalign is done with the gradually shift in the straightening of the teeth in a gum set. Almost every 2nd week the teeth would have shifted appreciably and in view of that a new Invisalign is fitted keeping the changed position in mind. If these processes are followed accurately then it takes under a year’s time to get teeth into great alignment.

Wondering how does Invisalign work, then the answer is that it applies to quite a few situations. It helps to adjust crooked teeth, teeth with gap between them, crowded teeth, over bite, under

bite, cross bite and a whole lot of issues. When it comes to the problem of under bite and over bite it is Invisalign that really works wonders for them, who have it. This is a great advance in the art of dentistry and is making waves everywhere. It is so successful today, because it works great and yet no one notices it is there inside the mouth. It is not visible and gives truly amazing results. However unlike metal braces, it needs to be removed, when eating & drinking. One problem with metal braces is the it makes brushing difficult, where as when using Invisalign, one can take it off and put it right back into place after brushing. This makes it possible to effectively clean every part of teeth, and go for flossing too.


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